October 2010 Newsletter


Goodness…….another year passed already! This year for the first time, the Association will not be holding a prize draw. We feel it appropriate in the current financial climate, to give our wonderful members a well deserved rest from purchasing raffle tickets…..so apologies to members who look forward with anticipation……for not enclosing raffle tickets. We very much hope an improvement with the UK economy will encourage the Association to hold a wonderful prize winning draw next year.

Speaking of finances……the Association must say a huge thank you to all our members who are making a regular donation to the Association; this money plays a very important role with our running costs. An application form is enclosed……..just in case members would like to participate with our donor scheme.

The year has been very busy for the Association; we have participated in Radio, magazine and newspaper interviews and been involved with TV productions regarding post natal depression. We are pleased and encouraged with greater public awareness.

Members will read later in the newsletter that we are seeking a new Treasurer for APNI. We also take opportunity to write small articles about some wonderful achievements and fundraising activities that have taken place by two vigorous members…..just reading about these events makes me feel the need to lie down to think about it!

Thanks are extended to our wonderful crew at the office – Siobhan, Emma-Jane, Jenny and Digital Dave. Our telephone, mail and email systems are working without problems!



Every year we ask mums to nominate their volunteer to receive a floral tribute from the Association for the “Unsung Hero” award with their letter of thanks printed. This year, an important message is being relayed to all our volunteers, via mum Lorna Robson’s letter of thanks to her Volunteer Gill Cashdan. This letter demonstrates the important role our volunteers play supporting mums with post natal illness. Lorna received her support from volunteer Gill more than 15 years ago, but still Lorna remembers with fondness the support given that helped her through her illness.

‘Every year, I plan to write about Gill, but always leave it too late. This early letter is for 2011!

I spoke to Gill when my daughter was small, in 1995. On the occasions we spoke, we did plan to meet, but family commitments prevented this. When my baby Verity was small, I found myself worrying about everything. Gill said she understood about this……she had been worried about buying shoes for her baby, yet he was not even walking! I remember laughing, (I hadn’t done so for such a long time) I always remember these words and have helped so many with Gill’s wisdom – Not easy to not be concerned about the unknown, but fortunately, it has never been as bad as I thought it would be.

If Gill is still a volunteer, please say hello from me. Verity is 16, passing her mocks with A*s and is a super teenager…….and I still occasionally worry!.’
Readers may be interested to know, Gill is still a member of APNI, but taking a well deserved rest from volunteer duties. If you would like to nominate your volunteer for the ‘Unsung Hero’ award, and have your letter of thanks printed, please send your letters in. One volunteer will be picked from the hat.


The Association must say a huge thank you to Nigel Strick, who decided a fundraising venture on a motorbike (Triumph Tiger) a good idea. Nigel wanted to raise funds in memory of his sister. Would the motorbike venture entail a run to Brighton and back? Not likely……..a journey to the Arctic Circle. Nigel completed 4192 miles on his Triumph. 8 days and 67 hours in the saddle. Nigel’s sponsorship so far has raised £1130 for APNI . Members can read more information on Nigel’s mammoth adventure at http://www.justgiving.com/Nigel-Strick A huge pat on the back from us Nigel – and the Tiger in your tank!


The Association review books that we feel may be of interest or help for our members. This year we are looking at Postnatal Depression – The Essential Guide by Catherine Burrows:-

Postnatal Depression – The Essential Guide, by Catherine Burrows . Catherine Burrows is an author who has successfully combined her first hand experience with her desire to write. This book is an excellent source of information for mothers and their whole family. It is very easy to read, as each chapter can be read as a standalone – allowing the reader to dip in and out when they have time. The book also includes useful coping strategies, with case studies of women who have recovered; along with input from health professionals. Catherine has produced a wonderful book with a wealth of information. The book is available from: Need2Know books priced £9.99 and can be ordered from website www.need2knowbooks.co.uk or call 01733 898103


Extended thanks are given to member Marianne Coates. Marianne successfully participated in Stratford’s Shakespeare Marathon on 8th May 2011. Hats off for Marianne, who so far, has raised through sponsorship, the magnificent sum of £540. Wow, most mums achieve fitness running after kiddies, running to work and cleaning the house…..fitting a marathon in too, sounds just amazing!

The Association is making an appeal for someone to take on the role as Treasurer for the Association. Ideally, the person will have some experience in this field…….but, it really is a requirement to have knowledge of book-keeping. I am sure our current Treasurer Clare Delpech will be an expert hand at showing the way should the right applicant come forward. The role will require the Treasurer to be on the APNI Committee and will involve attending Committee meetings twice a year. The post needs to be filled urgently. If anyone would like to have more information, do please contact the office with your details and Clare will be able to have a chat and fill you in with the information that allows you to make an informed choice about taking on the position.


As usual we always take this opportunity to appeal for new volunteers to join our support network. If you have received support previously from our volunteers, you may remember how important and comforting this support was. If you feel you may be able to offer support to a current sufferer of post natal illness – please contact us and ask for an application form.

To everyone that has made donations to the Association during the last year – no matter how small or large each and every penny plays a crucial role enabling us to continue providing help, support and information to sufferers of post natal illness and their families.

If you have any items of interest you would like included in our next newsletter, please send in to the office – this newsletter involves all our members!

Free APNI posters small A5 size – advising where to find further help information and support for sufferers of PND and families – perfect for health clinics, schools, Dr’s, shops, nurseries. Contact office for supplies.

Our famous quote for this newsletter comes from Scottish Philosopher Thomas Carlyle – 1795 – 1881

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge”

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