The Association for Post-Natal Illness is the leading organisation in its field. It is a Registered Charity (No. 280510) and it was established in 1979 to:

  • Provide support to mothers suffering from post-natal illness
  • Increase public awareness of the illness
  • To encourage research into its cause and nature

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The Association provides a telephone helpline, information leaflets for sufferers and healthcare professionals as well as a network of volunteers (telephone and postal), who have themselves experienced postnatal illness. For a printed information pack send a s.a.e. to:-  145 Dawes Road, Fulham, London, UK, SW6 7EB or click on Leaflets on PNI for more information about PNI.

The work of the Association is essential as post-natal illness affects between 70,000 and 100,000 women and their babies in the UK every year. It is rightly called ‘the silent epidemic’.

Hi all, can any of our working mums or dads out there (or anyone you know) help raise much needed funds for APNI?
If your company donates to charity, would you be able to put our association forward.
We exist solely on donations so any help would be hugely appreciated! : THANK-YOU.


professor_merton_sandlerProfessor Merton Sandler

Professor Merton Sandler was President of the Association for Post-natal Illness from the date it was first founded in 1980 to the day he died in August this year.

Without Merton Sandler there would be no APNI. He encouraged the formation of a supportive voluntary organisation from the very first. Merton Sandler helped persuade doctors and scientists to help us and advise us. He worked very hard on our behalf and spent hours editing our two main publications. All this at a time when professionally he had an extremely demanding job.

Merton Sandler first qualified as a doctor and then went on to specialise in Chemical Pathology. One of his main research interests was the molecular causes of depression. Merton Sandler was Professor of Chemical Pathology at Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital when Clare Delpech first contacted him in 1979.

Merton Sandler never forgot the human distress and suffering associated with depression. He was a supremely humane person and worked tirelessly to do anything he could to help us set up the organisation so that women who were ill might benefit.

We are so grateful to Merton Sandler for all his help and advice and send our profound condolences to his wife Lorna and his four children.


Apni Leaflets

The Association has produced a number of leaflets relating to PNI, both for mothers and the medical profession. Below are the two leaflets that we send to mothers or individuals who need information on the subject:-

Click here for The Baby Blues and PND (This leaflet is available in the following languages on request:- Bengali, Gujarti, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi).

Click here for the Postnatal Depression leaflet.

The Association also has a ‘GUIDE TO PROGESTERONE FOR POSTNATAL DEPRESSION’ booklet. This is available on request.[/one_third]

Emma Cadywould and Family

emma_apniLucie Holland has raised over £4,000 during the past two years on her Just Giving page set up in memory of her sister Emma Cadywould. Emma’s family, in particular Lucie, and her parents Mr and Mrs Holland and have been very generous contributors to the work of the Association and our profound thanks go to the whole family for their generous donations and fundraising efforts. Emmsie’s friends have also been busy raising money in her memory.


The picture shown is of Emma.

Pandas (Mon - Sun 9am-8pm)

0843 28 98 401

Family lives (24 hour helpline)

0808 800 2222

The Samaritans (24 hour helpline)

0845 790 9090