The Association for Post-Natal Illness is the leading organisation in its field. It is a Registered Charity (No. 280510) and it was established in 1979 to:

– Provide support to mothers suffering from post-natal illness

– Increase public awareness of the illness

– Encourage research into its cause/nature

The Cedar House Support Group Full Service Review

The Cedar House Support Group is for women who are experiencing postnatal depression and offers weekly support groups facilitated by Liz Wise. Liz is a trained counsellor specialising in PND counselling, with many years’ experience and personal experience of the illness herself. The groups provide a safe and supportive environment where mothers can get together with others who may be feeling similar to themselves and provides a relaxed, informal and totally confidential environment in which to talk.

The Cedar House Support Group was set up through funding from a client of Liz’s, through her counselling service, who was receiving treatment for PND. The charity has been running groups in London and Surrey, where there is need alongside appropriate facilities, for 15 years. Groups are delivered weekly during term time and a free creche facility is always offered.

Feedback is gathered from the mothers attending the groups through feedback forms at the end of each term and feedback is positive; the charity has also experienced no serious incidents. The data and feedback collected is not analysed or reviewed, resulting in a lack of robust evidence of the success of the service delivered or to expand on to make recommendations to / for maternal mental health services.

We have been awarded funding to carry out a full service review and are taking this opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness, impact and success of the service delivered by The Cedar House Support Group. We believe our service model is particularly successful, in improving mothers mental health and in being a cost effective and easily replicable model.

One of the methods we intend to use is to survey mums who have experienced post natal depression but NOT been through our particular service or any other group talking therapy. This will be via a short questionnaire, to be completed online and will be completely confidential.

If you are willing to take part or have any questions about the survey, please email Ruth Brownlow at [email protected] We intend to send out the survey in early spring 2020.

We appreciate revisiting the experience of having post natal depression, however lightly, can bring back thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to deal with. We wish to make aware anyone wishing to assist with this survey that Liz Wise will be available to talk in confidence, about any issues that may arise.


Ruth Brownlow
Trustee of The Cedar House Support Group

N.B. We may occasionally advertise surveys from sister organisations, however, we must warn our readers that under GDPR legislation the APNI Privacy Policy will not cover them if they take part in this survey. If you would like more information on how any data you provide will be handled by the Cedar House Group please contact
Ruth Brownlow on [email protected].

MP Wera Hobhouse

Question by Wera Hobhouse MP
3rd October 2019

Wera Hobhouse put a question to the Department of Health asking that as they are negotiating new contracts with GP’s that part of the new contract should be a fee for a proper mental and physical check of all new mothers 6 weeks after they have given birth.
Ms Hobhouse said that as Post-natal Depression affected many women after birth it was an opportunity for this illness to be identified.

Two other MP’s spoke adding their support to this question

The Pye Charitable Settlement

The Association for Post-natal Illness gratefully acknowledges the very generous financial support of Mr and Mrs J. A. Pye’s Charitable Settlement since 1985. This support has enabled our organisation to continue through difficult financial times where otherwise we would have had to close. The funding given to APNI has enabled us to offer our services to thousands more sufferers.
The Association was founded in 1979 and we know that we would not be reaching our 40th Anniversary without the generous support given by the Pye Charitable Settlement.

We remember with gratitude and affection the late Mrs Mary Pye, and her son Mr Graham Pye, both of whom took a particular interest in our work.

Morrison’s Quiet Hour

Morrisons supermarkets are having a quiet hour from 9-10am on Saturday mornings. This is designed to help people who have Autism but it will make shopping much easier for many of us who suffer from depression and/or anxiety.
The idea  is to allow people who  feel anxious with noise and confusion to shop in quieter surroundings.

Many of us feel much worse when shops are  noisy and  bright so this quiet  hour will be a welcome blessing.

Apni You Tube channel.

Apni have started a Youtube channel. If you find any Youtube links that you feel would benefit those suffering from postnatal depression or their families please email them to us through our contact form.

Read our latest newsletter by clicking here

The Association provides a telephone helpline, information leaflets for sufferers and healthcare professionals as well as a network of volunteers (telephone and postal), who have themselves experienced postnatal illness. For a printed information pack send a s.a.e. to:-  145 Dawes Road, Fulham, London, UK, SW6 7EB or click on Leaflets on PNI for more information about PNI.

The work of the Association is essential as post-natal illness affects between 70,000 and 100,000 women and their babies in the UK every year. It is rightly called ‘the silent epidemic’.

Hi all, can any of our working mums or dads out there (or anyone you know) help raise much needed funds for APNI?
If your company donates to charity, would you be able to put our association forward.
We exist solely on donations so any help would be hugely appreciated! : THANK-YOU.

Click here for the event flyer

Apni Leaflets

The Association has produced a number of leaflets relating to PNI, both for mothers and the medical profession. Below are the two leaflets that we send to mothers or individuals who need information on the subject:-

Click here for The Baby Blues and PND (This leaflet is available in the following languages on request:- Bengali, Gujarti, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi).

Click here for the Postnatal Depression leaflet.

The Association also has a ‘GUIDE TO PROGESTERONE FOR POSTNATAL DEPRESSION’ booklet. This is available on request.


We urgently need to recruit women who have suffered post-natal depression and who are now better, to support mothers who are currently ill by phone or by e-mail. Please click here to request information about becoming a volunteer.

Barnes Charity Ball 2019

We are truly grateful to the Friends of St Mary’s Barnes for choosing APNI as one of the beneficiaries of their 2019 Charity Ball and their very generous donation of £7,500.00. The Arabian-themed event was attended by our Chairman, David Wilson Clarke and Liz Wise, who is one of our Trustees. Truly a magical evening. (Photo credits to Andy Tyler Photography).

From sponsored walks to motorcycle rides across the Arctic we appreciate everything you can do. MORE

Emma Cadywould and Family

emma_apniLucie Holland has raised over £5,000 on her Just Giving page set up in 2012 in memory of her sister Emma Cadywould. Emma’s family, in particular her sister Lucie, and her parents Mr and Mrs Holland have been very generous contributors to the work of the Association and our profound thanks go to the whole family for their donations and fundraising efforts. Emma’s friends have also been busy raising money in her memory.


Pandas (Mon - Sun 9am-8pm)

0843 28 98 401

Family lives (24 hour helpline)

0808 800 2222

The Samaritans (24 hour helpline)

0845 790 9090