The Apni leaflets’ purpose is to provide relevant information about and around all areas to do with PNI

Whether you are a parent, carer or someone who simply wants to help

What to do if you are suffering from PNI

If you feel that you are suffering from postnatal depression please read the leaflet ‘Post Natal Depression.

If after reading this you think that you would like to have one of our volunteers contact you click here and and fill in the ‘Request a volunteer’ form

Printed versions of the leaflets
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We regret that due to financial constraints, we can no longer offer free copies of all our publications. Sample and single copies are still available free. The prices below cover our printing costs.

All prices include postage and packing.

The Babyblues and PND Leaflet

Thanks to a generous legacy we are temporarily able to offer our short leaflet for Maternity Wards and Clinics free of charge up to a total of 2,000 copies. This offer includes postage and packing within the UK.
Please ask for sample copies if you have never used this publication before.

Foreign languages (Bengali, Gujarati. Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi) 75p per copy

Postnatal Depression Leaflet

1000 copies £382
2500 copies £678
5000 copies £1030
Puerperal Psychosis (This item is NOT suitable or display in clinics etc.)
75p per copy

For Health Visitors and Doctors, the Association has a number of leaflets that are available on request to the medical profession

Orders must be accompanied by payment. Cheques are payable to APNI.