We are very sad to report that Graham Pye died after a short illness on 12th June 2009. Graham was a Trustee of Mr and Mrs J. A. Pye’s Charitable Settlement a most important benefactor of the Association. Mr and Mrs J. A. Pye’s Charitable Settlement has supported the Association for over 24 years. It is unlikely that the Association would still exist without the support of this trust.

Graham Pye took a special interest in the work of the Association and was keen to offer advice and suggestions on how to improve our work. He will be greatly missed.
Mr Graham Pye – based on an address given by Reverend Ralph Waller

Graham was a clever and intelligent man with a wonderful personality and sound judgement who could have done almost anything but he chose to go into the family building firm.

When Graham became Chairman and Managing Director of the Pye Group of Companies, he continued the Pye traditions of not being solely motivated by profit, but having a commendable aim to build good homes for people, at a fair price. Graham took real pride in everything he did.

Graham was elected President of the House Builders’ Federation (on two occasions) – which reflected the respect he was held in by his peers. He chaired the land and planning committee and the Affordable Housing Working Group, where he undertook pioneering work in this field. He played a major part in setting up a national Housing Design Award and helped to establish an academic module on Residential Development at Reading University, where he lectured on the subject for many years. He also became President of the European Association of House Builders.

Graham was not just a builder extraordinary, but he was also a great servant of the community. Among his many community-supporting activities was his encouragement of music, which has been of great benefit to the County of Oxfordshire. the City of Oxford, and its two Universities.

Graham’s support for Music at Oxford was symbolic of his vast support for a wide variety of charities, schools, colleges and Universities. He understood the need for long term commitment and took pleasure in seeing good things blossom and develop. Whatever organisation he joined, he was hugely supportive.
Graham had a great sense of humour, but two things were never in it: sarcasm and satire. You never heard him say a deliberately unkind word about anyone. He was gracious, courteous, chivalrous and tolerant.

Graham was one of the most genuinely unselfish and humble people anyone could meet. He combined, to a rare degree, great ability, genuine goodness and an attractive and loveable personality.