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Can it really be this time of year again?……Afraid so – eeek, so much to do, we hear you say. This year has flown by very quickly. Just as we got ready for our summer time, the Autumn season is with us, and thermals are on standby.

Once again, the Association will not be holding a raffle draw for 2013 Apologies to members who like to participate with this form of fund raising. The Association would like to say thank you to all who make donations annually via the enclosed donation form – no matter how small, these donations play a crucial role in supporting our running costs. The Association is run entirely on donations – so please remember no matter how small or large – every penny counts and is appreciated. We understand that all must be very tired of receiving unsolicited begging mail in hard financial times – please accept our apologies if you object – and should you not require to have donation forms enclosed with your newsletter, please let us know – we will do our best to ensure no further enclosures arrive with your newsletter.

Callers may have noticed our telephone lines have been open some week day afternoons – we are very lucky to have with us Terry and Venelina for some afternoon sessions. They have provided us with a little background for members to read :-

Terry says :-

“Semi-retired from working in the water industry in several Asian countries, I returned to London and looked around for part-time work. Interested in doing something for charity, I very fortunately found an ad for APNI. Very unsure at first about being a guy in an obviously female environment and dealing with a primarily female issue, it has proved to be an informative and interesting challenge. Working in a relaxed environment and gaining knowledge from helpful and supportive colleagues I will be pleased to help APNI continue and improve. Meeting the challenge of critical support to sufferers and of helping APNI meet its own challenges as an organisation.”
Venelina says :-

“I’m a very caring person and love being around for anyone who might need me, really. I like to think that I’ve managed to help most of my friends as they don’t seem to need me to ‘cry to’ as much nowadays. I am, of course, happy for them but realised I needed new friends to be there for and then I met APNI. It was all like a fairy-tale – still is! Knowing that everyone gets better eventually and being here for every mum or dad who might need us on their journey to recovery is our privilege. “

Readers will find an update for new research on post natal depression, but please remember, we are only here to provide information that members may have come across in the press – this does not mean there is a new found miracle cure for PND, nor does it mean we are involved in trial phases that may be going on.


Each year the Association ask for each mum to nominate their volunteer to receive a floral tribute for the “Unsung Hero” award, with their letter of thanks printed. This year the lucky winner picked from the hat is volunteer Helen Dawkins. Emma Dorman nominated Helen – Emma’s letter of thanks to her volunteer is printed below:-

“Helen – my volunteer has been a life line. The sense of relief to talk to someone who knows the same feelings as me is so helpful. She explains everything so well and she is the first person that gives me hope that I will get better and I am not a bad person or going crazy. I am still in a bad place and there is a bumpy road to recovery, but this type of help has been invaluable. Helen also sends me texts which are encouraging, positive and ‘a ray of light’ in the darkness.
Thank you APNI for all your help so far.
Emma……..getting there slowly!”

If you would like to nominate your volunteer – please send in your letter of thanks. Please remember one lucky winner is picked from the hat……and if your letter has not been picked, please remember to contact us to re-enter your letter of thanks for the following year.


The Association tries to keep avid readers informed about any new books published on Post Natal Depression. We would like to bring to your attention a book that was first published in 2010 – this book may have slipped attention – but for sure this book is a real page turner and portrays the experience of Puerperal Psychosis and Post Natal Depression on a very personal level. Many of her thoughts and feelings expressed, are written with sadness, humour and more importantly, a triumphant ending. This book titled ‘Saving Grace – My Journey & Survival through Post Natal Depression‘ by Grace Sharrock is published by AuthorHouse UK ltd and available in paperback – £10.24 free postage included at Amazon and in Kindle Edition format – £8.04.


We have printed an extract from the NHS choices website about recent journalist reports on gene testing as a prevention for Post Natal Depression – a full report is available on the NHS choices website should members want to read in full – along with details about the unknown cost to patients amidst the claim of £10

The results of a study examining the genetics of postnatal depression have hit the headlines, with The Guardian reporting that, “British doctors have identified the first advance blood test for postnatal depression”.
The study in question looked at small genetic variations called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), which previous research suggested can increase the risk of postnatal depression. Women were tested for these SNPs, and a screening test for postnatal depression was given both before and after birth.

Researchers found that two SNPs were associated with elevated depression screening test scores, and therefore may be associated with an increased risk of developing the condition.

An accurate screening programme for postnatal depression risk would potentially be very beneficial – prompt diagnosis and treatment can reduce the severity and duration of symptoms.
But, as the researchers concede themselves, this small study has not established that a blood test can accurately diagnose the condition.

The research did not look at the associations between these variations and whether there was a confirmed diagnosis of postnatal depression among new mothers. It also did not assess the effectiveness or the cost effectiveness of using this test as a screening tool.

Further, larger studies are planned, and should provide more detailed information on the feasibility of a screening programme for postnatal depression.

Where did the story come from?

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Warwick and the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, and was supported by the Robert Gaddie Memorial Fund and the Birmingham-Warwick Science City Research Alliance.


We are incredibly fortunate and humbled at the lengths people will go to raising funds for the Association. JustGiving.com is an online charity that allows people to donate or sponsor charity events online with a very fast and easy payment system. We would like to congratulate Lynsey Ridsdale for the outstanding efforts made with her swim in Wales. Lynsey (on the right), who is afraid of deep waters, was brave enough to take the plunge, raising £215 for APNI – Bravo Lynsey! We would also like to take opportunity of thanking the following people for outstanding efforts with fundraising: Patricia Finlay, Daniel Wilson, Joanne Broome, Stacey Whittaker, Amy Sarafis, Tanya Bertino, Debbie Curtis, Kelly Jobanputra and Paul Richardson.

Facebook – We have been on facebook now for a year or so – many thanks to Mel for setting it up and managing it for us. Take a look and give us a ‘like’ www.facebook.com/associationforpostnatalillness

May we ask…….if you or anyone you know would like to become a volunteer and help support a mum suffering with Post Natal Illness by phone or email – please contact the office for an application form

Not forgetting to ask members, if you have anything of interest you would like to have included in the next newsletter, do please contact the office.

Our famous quote for this newsletter comes from Mae West (Actress 1893 – 1980) We feel you may want to think of this with edible Christmas delights on the way!

“I generally avoid temptation…….unless I can’t resist it”

And finally……… May we take this opportunity to wish all a very Happy Festive Season, with an even Happier New Year bringing health and happiness to all.
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