We are very grateful to John and Marian McLaughlin who have recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. John and Marian are long-standing supporters of APNI. John wrote: On the first of September, my wife and I celebrated our golden wedding anniversary and with the help of our guests raised £280 for APNI.

The story behind this is that following the birth of our third child, Marian suffered from post natal depression. Back in 1987 APNI was in its relative infancy, there was not any similar charity in Scotland; not even ‘Google’ to ask for advice. APNI aided us. Despite being hospitalised for a month, with God’s grace and the help of family and friends, the support of APNI and the medical profession, Marian made a full recovery. So to all your new clients we would say: there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our daughter is herself being married on October 13th.