Nigel’s amazing achievement is something he should be extremely proud with. Braving the elements in a potentially very harsh environment he crossed 4192 miles over 8 days. As with all sponsored events APNI take off their hat to Nigel for his fantastic efforts raising over £1100.00 for APNI. Below are a few quotes from his just giving page:
Saturday, 9th July 2011

“We’re home. Some fantastic memories of an amazing adventure. Epic at times, challenging at times, but something I will always cherish.” Nigel Strick

4192 miles completed. 67 hours in the saddle. 8 days in the end so a day less than anticipated. Terrific sponsorship support too. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

Nigel managed to raise £1130.00 for the APNI as well as gaining us exposure.