APNI fundraisersWe are very grateful to Pippa for raising over £1900 for APNI at the London Marathon. Pippa suffered from PND after she had her second baby in 2016 when she described herself as ‘a mess’ and felt ‘like such a failure’. Pippa has now fully recovered and thanks her amazing family and friends. Pippa wrote: “That’s why I’ve chosen to run for APNI, a small charity who provides access to information, advice and support through a network of volunteers, all of whom are mums or dads who have suffered with postnatal illness and recovered. I’ve chosen a small charity as I want your donations to go directly to helping the people who need it most.

Postnatal mental health issues truly can affect anyone. But know that things will get better and I’m living proof. Thank you so much for reading this and thank you even more if you choose to donate some of your hard-earned money to such an important cause. I know marathon day is going to be an emotional one for me and your support really will mean so much to me as I complete the course (and hopefully see some of your lovely faces along the way).”