APNI is very grateful to Stephanie West for raising £122 for APNI by taking part in the Colour Obstacle Rush in Windsor. Stephanie said: “I have chosen your charity as my beneficiary as I suffered from Post Natal Illness myself with both of my children, now 7 and 4. It was the hardest time in my life and I know just how terrifying and isolating it can feel to suffer from the severe anxiety I experienced. It was through talking to others and understanding the symptoms of my illness that in time, I was able to get back to being ‘me’ again.

Although it was a very hard time in my life in which I thought I was never going to get better, in some ways I am grateful as it has made me appreciate life so much more and I have become so much stronger because of it. The Association for Post Natal Illness is a real lifeline to women like me who have suffered at the hands of this very cruel illness. It is vital that we raise awareness and support other mums and their families as much as we can so they know they are not alone and WILL get better again.” Well done Stephanie.