Suki GregoryWe would like to say a big thank you to Suki Gregory who ran the Boulton-on-the-Water 10k and has raised £664.00 so far for APNI.  Suki wrote:  “In 2011, a great friend, Emma, passed away after suffering horrendously with Post Natal Illness.  Despite the help and support of her family she struggled to find professional help.  Sadly, despite one in four people in the UK suffering with a form of mental illness, like depression, there still seems to be a lack of knowledge and a stigma attached to Post Natal Illness.  It’s often dismissed out of hand as ‘baby blues’ and isn’t taken seriously.

The Association for Post Natal Illness are a charity which offers support for sufferers and their families.  They don’t receive any government grants or lottery funding and exist purely on donations.  The work they do is invaluable in helping parents, be it an understanding ear or just reassurance that they are not alone”.