APNI is very grateful to Jemma Howells for raising £395 by running the Shrewbury Half Marathon.  Jemma said:   “I am fundraising for APNI, as this is a charity that I feel needs to be more well known and recognised to those suffering with Postnatal depression.

Jemma3I feel many people don’t take this illness and depression as serious as they should, a lot of people slip through the net and there is a taboo with mental health, however it is becoming more common with people.

My older sister committed suicide last year, she was suffering with postnatal depression, this is an illness that can sometimes not be well recognised and I think that young people need somewhere and be aware of who they can turn to in a time of need. She was on the mental health act but I don’t feel this was enough to help her with the difficult time she was suffering with. It has been a difficult year to come to terms with.  I am running the half marathon in memory of her, it is my first half marathon I have always wanted to take part in one. But now it will mean something and I am able to raise money for APNI and for my sister at the same time.”